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Frequently Asked Questions

Dates of Applications

When will I get my first application?

First applications (Early Spring Treatment) take place between April 1- April 21. Alternate dates of application for the Early Spring Treatment are April 22 - May 12. Please refer to your Service Agreement for a complete list of "Dates Of Applications". 

Note: NYS DEC determines our "start" date. 

Weather conditions (such as snow and cold temperatures) can also impact first applications as well.

Continuous Service

I signed up last year, am I on the schedule this year?

Per your Service Agreement CareFree will return with your Early Spring Treatment each year, automatically. Please refer to your Service Agreement for "Continued Yearly Service". The agreement will remain in effect from year to year until it is canceled by you or CareFree. We will send you a letter in December and in March to remind you of the continued yearly service. 

Unless you notify us of any changes to your service you can expect us to return each Spring.


Can I pay for services in advance?

Yes! An annual "Prepayment" option is mailed to customers in December and again in March. But this is just an option. (Did you misplace your letter? Not a problem, call us and we can help you out over the phone!)

Please Note: Prepaying is an OPTION. Not prepaying is not a valid indication that you would like to discontinue your service. To properly discontinue your service, you must contact our office by phone or by written notice (letter, email or webform).

Lawn Program

What does a "lawn application" include?

All lawn applications include a dry, slow-release fertilizer. Plus:
  • Round 1 will also have crabgrass control. 
  • Rounds 2-4 will all have weed control.
  • Round 5 will be a Winterizer (helps strengthen the cell walls of the plants and helps the plant store food for the long winter months).

Grub Control, Insect Control, Flea and Tick Treatments are additional treatments. If included on your program, they will be listed on your Service Agreement. For more information, please check out Our Services.


I received an estimate, now I want to get started.

Great! That estimate is also our Service Agreement. To get started, please sign and date the bottom left corner (make sure you have read and understand all policies on the back side including DATES OF APPLICATION, NYS PRENOTIFICATION LAW AND CONTINUED SERVICE. 

Mail the whole white form back to us at P.O. Box 361, Marcy, NY 13403. 

Keep the yellow form for your records. Once we receive that form, we will set up your 

program in our system and get your first treatment added to the schedule.

Can I fax or email the service agreement?

Unfortunately, we cannot fax or email your service agreement to you, nor can we accept signed service agreements from you. It must be mailed per NYS DEC regulations.

Cancel Services

How do I discontinue my services?

While we hate to see you go, we do understand that sometimes customers may need to discontinue their lawn care treatments. Your account may be cancelled at any time by written or oral notice. If your account has an outstanding balance, it will need to be paid at the time of your cancellation. Once you have paid any balances, we will confirm the cancellation and give you a ‚ÄúCancellation Number".

Please Note: Prepaying is an OPTION. Not prepaying is not a proper notification that you would like to discontinue your service. To discontinue your service, you must contact our office by phone or by written notice (letter, email or webform).