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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you start for the year?

NYS DEC allows us to begin treatments on April 1st. We are prohibited from beginning prior to that date. Please note that we do not treat lawns with snow coverage or those with remaining snow piles.

What does an application include?

All applications include a Dry,Slow-Release Fertilizer. 
Round 1 will also include Crabgrass Control. 
Rounds 2-4 will have weed control.
Round 5 will be a Winterizer which helps strengthen the cell walls of the plants and helps the plant store food for the long winter months.

Please note that your personalized program is based on your lawn (or tree and shrub) needs, you may not receive all 5 treatments. Your personalized program will consist of what is indicated on the front of your Service Agreement/Estimate. Specific applications and methods of application will vary by the season, weather conditions and the needs of your property as determined by your Carefree Applicator. Please call the Office with questions at 315-732-5296

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Clover & Other Weeds

Moles vs Voles

Snow Mold