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Insect Control


Insect Control targets surface feeding insects. Chinch Bugs are a common problem in many lawns. They are most active in periods of hot, dry weather. They damage the grass plants by injecting toxins into the plants and extracting plant juices.

This damage initially appears as patches of yellowing turf in areas where heat is radiated form sidewalks or driveways. The damage may consist of small, irregular areas where the turf has yellowed or completely disappeared or both. Later, these patches may combine into large areas of completely brown turf.

Proper watering and control of thatch will help to minimize damage.

Other surface feeding insects that can cause damage to your turf include:

  • Sod Webworm
  • Billbug
  • Crane Fly Larve


All brown spots in lawns should be inspected for turf damaging insects by a licensed technician. Call our office for a free evaluation.

Chinch Bug

Bill Bug

Sod Web Worm