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Proper mowing is critical for keeping your lawn healthy and looking good. There are three things you can do to keep your lawn "a cut above" the rest:

Q: How high should I mow? 

A: The basic rule is: The hotter the weather, the higher you should mow. Higher mowing promotes:

  • Deeper roots
  • Prevents water loss by shading the soil, and
  • Reduces weeds by preventing sunlight from warming weed seeds.
  • Taller grass also cools the soil and reduces heat stress.

TIP: Be sure that no more than one-third of the total grass blade is removed in any one mowing. Mowing too short removes too much of the green part of the plant, leaving stalk-looking crowns and stems. This gives the lawn a brown, scalped look and weakens the grass. Recovering from even a single "scalping" sets the lawn's growth back many weeks.

TIP: Keep Mower Blades Sharp! Dull mower blades can rip and shred the tips of your grass blades, turning them a bleached, tan color and leaving the whole lawn looking brown. For best results, sharpen mower blades several times per year. If you have a large lawn, sharpen them once a month during the mowing season.

Q: How soon after an application can I mow?
A: Typically wait 24 hours before mowing after an application.

Q: How soon after an application can my kids or pets play on the lawn?
A: The labels state waiting for products to dry. However, to be safe, we recommend waiting 24 hours before allowing your children or pets out on the lawn.